Nikita T. Hamilton

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I believe we all deserve to connect with someone on screen, to learn from one another, and to have the chance to escape from our daily lives at times. I’m a writer. I engender and connect worlds by creating and fostering characters and stories that are meant to entertain, and give insight to, the general public. I have the unique ability to absorb and empathize with what is happening in the world around me and to rework it in a manner that is engaging and relatable. I think that this work is so much more than thirty-minutes or an hour of laughter or tears or any of the emotions in between. It’s abut the ripple effect that it can have throughout viewers’ lives that may allow them to possibly understand themselves and/or others just a little bit better.

My view of media is enhanced and varied by a Ph.D in Communication focused on representations of black women and being a first-generation American. I embrace and celebrate this idiosyncratic lens through which I see our world. We, as social beings, want and need connection. I create it on the page so it can come to life on screen and resonate in reality.


My foray into entertainment began with “Sex and the City: The Movie” and a conversation with my cousins about the updated Mammy character Louis from St. Louis. I wanted to study how representation in television and film affected the audience and their lives as well as the machine that is “entertainment.” At a certain point during my Ph.D. program, I realized that I wanted to make TV and film instead of teaching about them. I began working towards becoming a staffed TV writer as I completed my dissertation and now I exist at the intersection of academia and industry at a time where gender, diversity, and inclusion are top conversations. This unusual cross-section of expertise allows me to speak to entertainment in unique and interesting way. I love sharing what I have studied and learned on both sides of the entertainment aisle. What we know should never be siloed.


Dr. Nikita T. Hamilton defended her doctoral dissertation Disturbing the Peace: Television, Disruption, and the Roles of Black Women at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California in 2017. Additionally, she earned a Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies from USC’s Graduate School. Nikita is a former Annenberg Fellow, PAGE Fellow, and COMPASS Fellow whose research focused on representations of black women in television, cultural studies, and gender. She is currently a Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) Fellow in their inaugural Los Angeles cohort. Nikita received her undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania where she double-majored in Communication and Psychology.

Nikita lives in Los Angeles where she writes, acts, performs stand-up, and participates in conversations examining gender and race in entertainment. She is the host of the podcast “The Whisper Network,” which looks at the jobs and open secrets of Hollywood, and is a co-host of the monthly backyard comedy show “Just Tryna Make Friends.” Nikita has worked as a Writers' Assistant for FX Networks, ABC Studios, and Marvel Television and recently held the position of Showrunner's Assistant for Universal Television. Nikita is currently a Staff Writer on Freeform’s “The Bold Type.”

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